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Özgün Kabacaoğlu

Author & Historian



Özgün Kabacaoğlu, Oğuz Müteferrika
Oğuz Müteferrika
Seçimler, Özgün Kabacaoğlu


Özgün Kabacaoğlu

Özgün Kabacaoğlu was born on October 29, 1988, in İzmir. He obtained bachelor's degrees in Economics and Public Administration. He became a specialist in administrative sciences with his thesis on the military revolution and Ottoman administration reforms.

Continuing his doctoral studies in the field of comparative Turkey–France history at Dokuz Eylül University, Kabacaoğlu has certificates from various institutions including Yale University, the History Foundation, and the Science Academy. He is a scholar of the Turkish Historical Society. He is proficient in English and French and can read Ottoman Turkish. He has presented scientific papers and written national and international scientific articles. He has articles published in various newspapers and magazines and continues to write regular columns on history. In 2017, he met his readers with the book "Elections," and in 2022, with the book titled "Oğuz Müteferrika."

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Articles and Academic Studies

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Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Scientific Studies - Özgün

Academic studies

On civil society architecture

Non-governmental Organization (NGO)

My articles are published in the Gazete Yenigün.
Additionally, I have articles published in various media such as Evrim Ağaç, Görüş 21, İz Gazete.

Visit my academia page for my various academic texts.

I am an active non-governmental volunteer. You can check out my Instagram profile for my work in this direction.

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